Powered By Teach to Lead Teacher Leadership Summits are Teacher Leadership Summits designed in partnership with Supporting Organizations at their request to expand access to teacher leadership development opportunities to more participants and further opportunities for teacher leadership development.

Since 2016, 24 organizations, teacher leadership groups, districts, State Agencies and other groups have led 30 Powered By Teach to Lead Summits serving nearly 3000 educators. Powered By Teach to Lead Summits have served educators in 14 specific States, 6 cities or areas, and four have drawn national audiences. Some Powered By Teach to Lead Summits have focused on specific topics such as engaging families, supporting students who are English language learners, meeting mental health needs, or addressing State specific STEM challenges. Many Powered By Teach to Lead Summits are open calls to allow teacher leaders to propose their best solutions to the issues they see as most pressing.

Interested in leading a Powered By Teach to Lead event in your community? Email us at info@teachtolead.org to talk further. </em

Powered By Teach to Lead Summits expand the benefits of Teach to Lead Summits to more teacher leaders by encouraging organizations to build on the model used at Summits with the flexibility to meet the specific needs and interests of the host organization. Teach to Lead provides Powered By Teach to Lead Summit leaders with planning support and lessons learned in order to promote ideas that are designed, developed and led by teachers tailored to their unique contexts and concerns.

Powered by Teach to Lead