Camas SD TOSA team honored at April 28  board meeting
Pictured: TOSA team honored at a board meeting on 4/28/13.

In the last three years, teacher leadership has been driving implementation and policy decisions in the Camas School District around the state’s new teacher evaluation model as well as alignment toward the Common Core. Starting with a cadre of Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs), teacher-leadership has expanded to include peer coaching, teacher-led professional development, and a work group of teacher-leaders focused on how to promote and monitor meaningful student growth where classroom data actually impacts classroom practice. Teachers in Camas are eager to lead, and because of this drive, the TOSA team launched the Camas Teacher Leadership Academy in the spring of 2014 to provide deep professional development to enhance teacher-leaders’ skills, knowledge, and dispositions toward authentic leadership. Using the Teacher Leadership Framework developed by the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession, the Camas Teacher Leadership Academy will help teachers chart their own leadership pathway—whether it is leading in their own hallway or advocating in the halls of the legislature.