Opportunities for teachers to lead in schools and systems without having to leave the classroom have grown tremendously in recently years.

Teach to Lead recognizes the many school principals, state and district systems leaders, and organizations who work collaboratively with teachers to make leadership and innovation a regular part of school culture and the profession of teaching.

Thus far, Teach to Lead has been joined by over 180 Supporting Organizations (see the full list below) that share our vision and mission.

Interested in becoming a supporting organization? Email us at info@teachtolead.org.

Supporting Organizations share a common commitment to teacher leaders and agree to promote teacher leadership activities with their constituencies. Beyond this, Supporting Organizations consider their unique expertise in determining the best ways to contribute to this larger teacher leadership effort.

Some key commitments from Supporting Organizations include:

  • Serving as Critical Friends, working intently with one team at a Teach to Lead Summit or Powered By Teach to Lead Summit as they develop  logic models to carry out their good ideas. Critical Friends play an essential role by sharing knowledge and resources and assisting teams to stretch their thinking.
  • Providing Skills Development opportunities at Teach to Lead Summits or in webinars or twitter chats as part of our #TTLNetwork activities.
  • Sharing publications, research, funding, training or other opportunities that promote teacher leadership with the Teach to Lead Network through  Teach to Lead’s Resources Page, Social Media, and other communications.
  • Inviting Teach to Lead to speak with constituents or hosting a Powered By Teach to Lead Summit to expand teacher leadership development opportunities to more teachers or in specific geographic or content areas.

Teach to Lead currently has 180 supporting organizations (in alphabetical order):