policy leadership

Preparing State’s Evidence

Working with Hope Street Group State Teacher Fellows in Kentucky, Brad Clark mobilized teacher voice to inform state legislators about important issues, including the impact of the Common Core and reduced funding for education. School: Simmons Elementary District: Woodford County Public Schools State: Kentucky Source: Hope Street Group During the spring 2014 state legislative session, several policies were [...]

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Together, Teachers Solve Chronic Problems

Alex Kajitani rallied teachers in his school to solve a persistent challenge: never having enough substitute teachers at school (and forcing teachers to cover classes during planning). State: California Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year A few years ago, I was teaching in a school suffering from a serious shortage of substitute [...]

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Chartering a Path to Better Teacher Evaluation

Doug Hodum led a committee of teachers and other stakeholders to reform teacher evaluation in Maine. School: Mt Blue High School District: Mount Blue Regional School District State: Maine Source: Hope Street Group One of my most relevant teacher leadership experiences arose when I was awarded the Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellowship.  I had [...]

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Core Recommendations For Teachers, By Teachers

Courtney Fox worked with teachers and other partners develop recommendations about what teachers need to successfully implement the common core in Delaware. School: First State Montessori Academy State: Wilmington, Delaware Source: Hope Street Group Courtney Fox was Delaware’s 2008 Teacher of the Year and still continues to be an active member of the Delaware Teacher [...]

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