Leaving a Comfort Zone to Extend My Reach

Maryann Woods-Murphy worked with school faculty, administration, and state organizations to reimagine gifted education as a lever to achieve whole school reform. State: New Jersey Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year Sometimes being a teacher leader means being open to making big changes. After years of working as a high school Spanish teacher, [...]

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We Love Staff Meetings! Seriously.

Katie Brown helped her school transform their ho-hum staff meetings into energetic scenes of teacher leadership in action. School: Shuksan Middle School District: Bellingham Public Schools State: Washington Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year If you walked into our library five years ago on a Tuesday at 8am, you would have heard the [...]

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Need

Michael Dunlea organized a team of school and community volunteers to help students’ families rebuild after Hurricane Sandy hit their New Jersey township. School: Ocean Acres Elementary School District: Stafford Township State:  New Jersey Source: Hope Street Group In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy shut down our school for two weeks and rendered more than 240 students homeless. To [...]

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Together, Teachers Solve Chronic Problems

Alex Kajitani rallied teachers in his school to solve a persistent challenge: never having enough substitute teachers at school (and forcing teachers to cover classes during planning). State: California Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year A few years ago, I was teaching in a school suffering from a serious shortage of substitute [...]

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