Literacy Leadership Across the Curriculum

Serving in a hybrid role, Sarah Yost created cross-curricular literacy training that dramatically improved students’ reading skills. School: Westport Middle School District: Jefferson County Public Schools State: Kentucky Source: Hope Street Group After our school was identified by our state as a school with repeated low performance on state tests in 2013, my principal asked me to [...]

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Leaving a Comfort Zone to Extend My Reach

Maryann Woods-Murphy worked with school faculty, administration, and state organizations to reimagine gifted education as a lever to achieve whole school reform. State: New Jersey Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year Sometimes being a teacher leader means being open to making big changes. After years of working as a high school Spanish teacher, [...]

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Together, Teachers Solve Chronic Problems

Alex Kajitani rallied teachers in his school to solve a persistent challenge: never having enough substitute teachers at school (and forcing teachers to cover classes during planning). State: California Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year A few years ago, I was teaching in a school suffering from a serious shortage of substitute [...]

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Chartering a Path to Better Teacher Evaluation

Doug Hodum led a committee of teachers and other stakeholders to reform teacher evaluation in Maine. School: Mt Blue High School District: Mount Blue Regional School District State: Maine Source: Hope Street Group One of my most relevant teacher leadership experiences arose when I was awarded the Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellowship.  I had [...]

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Coding for Careers

Tammie Schrader created a program for her school and district to teach computer programming and coding to middle school students so that they are qualified for jobs in a growing sector. School: Cheney Middle School State: Washington Source: Hope Street Group Key employers in Washington State, like Microsoft and Boeing, are leaving our state to [...]

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Implementing the distributive leadership model in the district and school level

Reading, MA has instituted a number of teacher leadership initiatives from the district and school level. The superintendent has initiated a distributive leadership model by engaging with teacher leaders in conversations about how they can best lead the college- and career-ready standards charge, as well as how leadership opportunities can empower teachers to take ownership [...]

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Teacher meets leadership through hybrid roles

Cleveland Teachers Union (CTU) Professional Issues Director Mark Baumgartner, who served as facilitator of CTU’s chapter of the Teacher Leaders program in 2013-14, is a career educator currently teaching 9th grade English at Max Hayes High School. Like thousands of AFT members in hybrid roles, Mark integrates teaching with leadership service in his district. As [...]

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