Below are examples of logic models that were created by participants at the New Orleans Teacher Leadership Summit.

The logic models are graphic organizers that show the action plans for each teacher leadership idea.

MAST Leadership Plan for NGSS Transition DOWNLOAD PDF
 Teaching Self-regulation DOWNLOAD PDF
 Teacher Leadership Council DOWNLOAD PDF
 Strengthening Home School Connection DOWNLOAD PDF
 Peer Coaching Structures for School-wide Support and Collaboration DOWNLOAD PDF
 Four Houses, One Tradition DOWNLOAD PDF
 Teacher Leader Curriculum Development Project  DOWNLOAD PDF
 Black Male Educators Convening  DOWNLOAD PDF
 Northwest Louisiana Teaching Lab  DOWNLOAD PDF
 Leadership to Build a Restorative Culture  DOWNLOAD PDF
 QAC Parent University  DOWNLOAD PDF
 Building a High School to Teacher Prep Program Pipeline  DOWNLOAD PDF
Instructional Collaborators: Enhancing Instruction One Classroom at a Time                DOWNLOAD PDF
 Meaningful Evaluation for Teachers  DOWNLOAD PDF
 Innovative Partner Schools  DOWNLOAD PDF
 Inservice Training for Individualized Blended Co-teaching Model DOWNLOAD PDF
 Teacher Scholars Residency Model: Literacy in an Urban District  PART 1|PART 2
 New Staff Institute  DOWNLOAD PDF
 Cecil County Teacher Leadership Network  DOWNLOAD PDF
 Strengthening Teacher/Family Connections  DOWNLOAD PDF


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