Core Recommendations For Teachers, By Teachers

CourtneyFox-HeadshotCourtney Fox worked with teachers and other partners develop recommendations about what teachers need to successfully implement the common core in Delaware.

School: First State Montessori Academy

State: Wilmington, Delaware

Source: Hope Street Group

Courtney Fox was Delaware’s 2008 Teacher of the Year and still continues to be an active member of the Delaware Teacher of the Year workgroup. When she began her fellowship with the Hope Street Group, her cohorts in the teacher of year group were all looking for ways to make a greater impact on the education system. It was at that moment when she decided to develop a partnership with several state partners including the Delaware Department of Education and the Rodel Foundation of Delaware in order to focus on what educators needed to successfully teach the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

In conjunction with these partners and the Hope Street Group (HSG) staff, Courtney was determined to administer a survey to the Teachers of the Year to determine how they felt about the implementation of the CCSS. Courtney and her work group then met on three different occasions where they reviewed the data, and ultimately produced a set of recommendations for how three distinct stakeholder groups (state policymakers, local leaders, and community members) in Delaware can better help teachers implement CCSS.

The results of Courtney and her team’s recommendation has led to wide spread impact across the state of Delaware. Her partners, the HSG, The Rodel Foundation of Delaware, and the Delaware Department of Education all created several briefs, as well as videos describing and detailing the process of how these three stakeholder groups can better assist teachers. Courtney was also able to present these findings and issue a call to action at the statewide Vision 2015 conference in October 2013. In addition to this, Courtney also co-authored an op-ed published in both Delaware Online and Education Week about her experience and survey findings. Last, Courtney and her team’s work has been cited by the Delaware PTA and supported by the State Education Secretary as the type of engagement needed from teachers.

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