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Let the Librarians Lead

SAU #2, New HampshirePostsecondary

As the only educators in the building who see all students in every academic area for the entirety of their student experience, librarians are poised to be instructional leaders who can make meaningful change in their schools.

Topics: Literacy, Professional Development, Teacher Leadership Positions / Roles

“Grow Your Own” Teacher Prep Program in Rural Wisconsin

District of Mauston, Wisconsin

Mauston High School Teacher Leah Lechleiter-Luke was seeing firsthand the difficulty of attracting teachers to her rural school district in Mauston, WI, and the strain the teacher shortages were putting on her district.

Topics: Career Pathways, Mentoring, Pre-Service Teachers/Teacher Prep

Transforming Teacher Retention through Mentorship

South Dakota Schools, South DakotaPostsecondary

Sharla Steever, a Learning Specialist, wanted to address the critical need for teacher retention in her rural district, particularly within its higher-needs schools.

Topics: Equity, Mentoring, Whole Child

Lifting Up Educators in Rural Mississippi

New Albany City, Mississippi

Mississippi State Teacher of the Year Mary Margarett King is no stranger to teacher leadership and is a powerful advocate for lifting up the voices of teachers in her community.

Topics: Policy - Teacher Voice, Teacher Leadership Training

Building A Teacher Mentorship Pipeline in Rural Wyoming

Albany County School District 1, WyomingPostsecondary

Joan James, Assistant Professor at the University of Wyoming College of Education, wanted to establish a stronger partnership between the university and the local school district in her community. She and her team wanted to improve communication between the two entities. Improved communication would...

Topics: Mentoring, Pre-Service Teachers/Teacher Prep, Teacher Leadership Training

A Fresh Perspective: Non-Evaluative Coaching Models Improving Instruction

Shenandoah County Public Schools, Virginia

Teachers can benefit from non-evaluative feedback to enhance their instructional design and delivery.

Topics: Coaching/Peer Observation, Curriculum, Teacher Leadership Positions/Roles