Developing Your PLN, Early and Always

By Sarah Giddings From the first day I stepped foot into my class in a small urban public high school, I realized one reality about teaching. Traditionally, the classroom can be one of the most isolating places to be for an educator. Although this is not my experience today, it took me a long time, [...]

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Teach to Lead – A Poem

Editor's Note: This is a poem by Pablo Pitcher DeProto, a teacher who attended the Inclusion, Equity and Opportunity Summit held in Chicago in December. He read this poem at the conclusion of the summit. I Teach to Lead Not a new, but an obvious breed Hey, my students need to read Teachers, Teaching, Education These colors, minds [...]

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Leading the Change

By Kimberly Walden “We don’t just want educators to be part of the necessary change-we need them to lead it.” –John King, Secretary of Education In early November, we did just this. The Teach to Lead Summit in Washington, D.C. allowed teams from across the country to gather for two days of planning, developing, and [...]

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Preparing pre-service teachers with mentors: a point of agreement

By John Clark Just before the election, more than 100 educators descended upon the U.S. Department of Education – not to lobby for better policy, but to work in conjunction with the Department to raise the bars on enrollment and effectiveness from teacher preparation programs; to find new ways to recruit and prepare the next [...]

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So what does teacher leadership mean for our kids and community?

By Keri Randolph Imagine you read the following job posting on Twitter:   Dynamic, creative, committed leaders needed to join talent development firm. Future of our community at stake. Great challenges but incredible rewards. Must love kids. This is the way I’m talking about the teaching profession these days- teaching and leading. Just think about [...]

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An Unexpected but Thrilling Journey

By: Heather Gauck I had been teaching for Grand Rapids Public Schools for 20 years as a resource teacher, when I learned about the Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship. I  had no idea what an exciting journey I was about to begin by applying for the fellowship; it was my first step down the road of [...]

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Why I Like Teach to Lead

I recently returned from the Minneapolis Teach to Lead Summit (#TTLSummit), where I served as a Critical Friend for the second time. My first experience as a Critical Friend was in Denver and I returned home with a head full of questions. In Denver, I was placed at the back of a large conference room [...]

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Teacher Leaders as Health Ambassadors

Editor’s note: This is a blog post from Kalpana Kumar Sharma, past Teach to Lead Summit Participant. The Teach to Lead Initiative, a partnership of the US Department of Education, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and ASCD, has given me a platform to create a wave of health consciousness among teachers, parents, students and [...]

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It’s time to make the magic happen!

Editor's note: This is a blog post from Sally Brothers, NBCT and past Teach to Lead Summit Participant. The original post was published on The Standard.  If someone had told me when I was a novice teacher that something truly magical would happen in my career twenty years later, I would have found it hard [...]

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