Baltimore principal provides teachers with a space for autonomy to further student learning

64Rhea Espedido, a reading interventionist at Liberty Elementary in Baltimore, saw that students were not meeting expectations in writing. She approached her principal, Joe Manko, who encouraged her to form a team of staff members to develop a solution. The team developed a school-wide writing program that is producing strong young writers in both narrative and expository genres. The team’s current focus is developing an intricate system of “leveling” their writing assessment to provide more explicit feedback for students and deepen their individualized instruction. Mr. Manko explains his leadership philosophy: “Find great teachers, give them the autonomy and freedom to do great things for kids and give them the resources and support they need.” Molly Adams, who is both a 3rd grade teacher and math team leader, believes that the distributed leadership model works because it “allows time for safe practice and fine tuning instruction, and provides space for autonomy.”

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