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One Community at a Time

Heather Buskirk founded a STEM-based school centering on project based learning in rural New York. School:         Johnstown High School District:       Greater Johnstown School District Source:         Knowles Science Teaching Foundation As the only high school physics teacher in her upstate New York school district, Heather Buskirk faced a dilemma familiar to many educators [...]

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Tech To Lead

Assistant Superintendent Todd Wirt created a Wake County (N.C.) Teacher Leader Corps of 700 teacher leaders that provides them with structured opportunities to hone their leadership skills to build the capacity of the district’s teachers to use technology effectively. District: Wake County State: North Carolina Source: Discovery Education The Wake County Teacher Leadership Corps’ story [...]

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The power of peer-review and providing a voice for teachers in the school hiring process

Dr. Dee Weedon, of Keystone Elementary in Memphis, needed to hire more staff as the school transitioned from an optional school with selective admission requirements to a neighborhood school with 180 new students and 10 new teachers. She included all grade-level teams in the hiring process. Teachers collaboratively developed interview questions and scoring rubrics, participated [...]

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Baltimore principal provides teachers with a space for autonomy to further student learning

Rhea Espedido, a reading interventionist at Liberty Elementary in Baltimore, saw that students were not meeting expectations in writing. She approached her principal, Joe Manko, who encouraged her to form a team of staff members to develop a solution. The team developed a school-wide writing program that is producing strong young writers in both narrative [...]

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Bridging the gap between policy makers and educators

This school year, Christopher Poulos has split his time between teaching at Joel Barlow High School in Redding, Connecticut, and serving as the Teacher-Leader in Residence at the Connecticut State Department of Education. At the Department, he provides the voice of a practicing classroom teacher, explaining the impact of proposals on students and teachers. Among [...]

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Expanding leadership from the legislature to the hallways

Pictured: TOSA team honored at a board meeting on 4/28/13. In the last three years, teacher leadership has been driving implementation and policy decisions in the Camas School District around the state’s new teacher evaluation model as well as alignment toward the Common Core. Starting with a cadre of Teachers on Special Assignment [...]

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Teamwork and leadership: two sides of the same coin

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson A team always has a leader, but that leader cannot be successful without a team. In the spring of 2013, Vicky Edwards, a 5th grade teacher in Naples, Maine participated in a RESPECT Project roundtable [...]

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Implementing the distributive leadership model in the district and school level

Reading, MA has instituted a number of teacher leadership initiatives from the district and school level. The superintendent has initiated a distributive leadership model by engaging with teacher leaders in conversations about how they can best lead the college- and career-ready standards charge, as well as how leadership opportunities can empower teachers to take ownership [...]

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Teacher meets leadership through hybrid roles

Cleveland Teachers Union (CTU) Professional Issues Director Mark Baumgartner, who served as facilitator of CTU’s chapter of the Teacher Leaders program in 2013-14, is a career educator currently teaching 9th grade English at Max Hayes High School. Like thousands of AFT members in hybrid roles, Mark integrates teaching with leadership service in his district. As [...]

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