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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Need

Michael Dunlea organized a team of school and community volunteers to help students’ families rebuild after Hurricane Sandy hit their New Jersey township. School: Ocean Acres Elementary School District: Stafford Township State:  New Jersey Source: Hope Street Group In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy shut down our school for two weeks and rendered more than 240 students homeless. To [...]

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Cross Pollination

Allison Riddle, with the support of her principal, created a hybrid position to mentor teachers without leaving the classroom. School:  Foxboro Elementary School District: Davis School District State: Utah Source: Allison Riddle After twenty-one years of teaching elementary school, I took a leap of faith and became a full-time mentor leader for my school district. I was hired [...]

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Paradigm Shift: From Test Scores to Teaching

Jay Hoffman collaborated with educators to build a lesson-study model that uses video to examine educator practice and change the focus of professional development in the state. School:  Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School  State:  South Burlington, Vermont Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year  I became inspired to lead during my travels as Vermont’s [...]

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Pushing the Envelope

Nick Lawrence tells his story of expanding teacher leadership—a story that began when he was an idealistic neophyte reaching out just to survive his first year but developed over time as he reached out to broaden his skills and assume greater responsibilities. School:  East Bronx Academy State:  New York Source: Educators 4 Excellence  My teaching career [...]

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Growing His Own

Kevin Henson supports new teachers through home-grown induction leadership. School: Lenape High School District: Lenape Regional High School District State: New Jersey Source: Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Kevin Henson has remained at the same New Jersey high school since he started teaching a decade ago. “What I like is that I have the ability to provoke change,” he [...]

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A is for Art

Christine Holajter led a group of teachers to adopt an alternative evaluation of learning for the arts and humanities that included improving curriculum and instruction. School:  Straub Elementary District: Mason County Schools State:  Kentucky Source: Hope Street Group  As the related arts teacher leader in my K-2 primary school, it is my responsibility to coordinate the collaboration of all [...]

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Owning Their Profession

Chris Eide, Nathan Gibbs-Bowling, Kirby Green and Robert Ettinger created Teachers United, a Washington state teacher organization that advocates for teaching quality. State:  Washington Source: Teachers United Teachers United began with a group of three teachers from high-poverty schools who met every Tuesday at 7:00pm to discuss the issues affecting their students and how teachers could [...]

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And the Teachers Shall Lead

Gretchen Sage-Martinson, Carrie Bakken, & Nora Whalen created a project-based, teacher-powered high school. School: Avalon School District: Avalon District in St. Paul State: Minnesota Source: Educators 4 Excellence We work at the charter public school, Avalon. Avalon is unique in that it has been a teacher-led site since the day our doors opened in 2001. The school [...]

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Creating a Place for the Many – Noted Teacher Voice

Jon Alfuth produced Bluff City Education, a blog where teachers can tell their stories and have their policy perspectives shared constructively with the larger education community. School: The Soulsville Charter School District: Shelby County Schools State:  Memphis, Tenn. Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year  I’m now in my fourth year teaching, and I feel [...]

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