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Teach to Lead Summits

Q: How are summit locations chosen?

A: The locations are chosen based on multiple criteria including reaching a diversity of locations and educators, the prevalence of supporting organizations and/or broad support among area stakeholders for teacher leadership; and ease of travel for potential participants.

Q: Can I attend a Teach to Lead Summit in a different geographic region from mine?

A: Yes. Teach to Lead tries to reach a variety of geographic locations, but all are open to any educator anywhere in the country. Supporting Organizations which are hosting Powered By Teach to Lead Summits may choose to focus these on particular geographic areas or particular topics.

Q: How can I participate?

A: Any educator is welcome to submit their ideas through an online application process to be considered to attend summits. The Teach to Lead team works closely with supporting organizations to notify educators about Summit opportunities. Every application must propose a potential team to participate in the Summit of at least two and up to five members. Each team MUST include active classroom teachers and must use teacher leadership opportunities as a strategy for school improvement.

Q: What kinds of issues do Teach to Lead teams address?

A: Participants cover a wide range of topics from specifically creating teacher leadership systems and rethinking professional development to better serving students from specific high needs groups or improving instruction in a variety of ways. Teach to Lead teams work on innovations in schools, districts, states and at the national level. The most important aspect of Teach to Lead is that educators have the opportunity to craft the solutions to the problems they see standing in the ways of best serving all students.

Q: How are participants selected?

A: Participants are selected by a panel of educators based on the teacher leadership ideas they have submitted through an online survey.

Q: Who pays for expenses to attend the summit?

A: There is no charge for the attending Summits, and Teach to Lead under writes hotel accommodations for participants, however participants do need to identify funding for or pay their own travel expenses.

Q: Will there be more events announced? If so, how can my state/district/organization be considered in the mix?

A: Based upon interest and available resources, there could be additional summits. We’ve also introduced Powered by Teach to Lead. These events support organizations interested in building on the Teach to Lead model to conduct similar teacher leadership summits that provide the flexibility and support necessary to meet the unique needs of promising teacher-led projects.

Supporting Organizations

Q: What does it mean to be a Supporting Organization?

A: Supporting Organizations agree to support the Teach to Lead vision and mission and promote our efforts with their constituents. Beyond that, how Supporting Organizations contribute to Teach to Lead really depends on the expertise and interests of the organization.

Q: How does my organization become a Supporting Organization?

A: First, contact us at and we will schedule time to walk you through the process. Once you are ready to join, you will notify us through a letter outlining your specific commitments based on your organization’s unique background and resources.

Q: How does my organization benefit from becoming a Supporting Organization?

A: Support is of course a two way street. As a Supporting Organization, Teach to Lead is proud to share your expert knowledge with a wider audience; cross promote your organization’s efforts; network you with other organizations or individuals in similar areas; and connect you with a wide audience of potential participants.