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Owning Their Profession

Chris Eide, Nathan Gibbs-Bowling, Kirby Green and Robert Ettinger created Teachers United, a Washington state teacher organization that advocates for teaching quality. State:  Washington Source: Teachers United Teachers United began with a group of three teachers from high-poverty schools who met every Tuesday at 7:00pm to discuss the issues affecting their students and how teachers could [...]

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And the Teachers Shall Lead

Gretchen Sage-Martinson, Carrie Bakken, & Nora Whalen created a project-based, teacher-powered high school. School: Avalon School District: Avalon District in St. Paul State: Minnesota Source: Educators 4 Excellence We work at the charter public school, Avalon. Avalon is unique in that it has been a teacher-led site since the day our doors opened in 2001. The school [...]

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Creating a Place for the Many – Noted Teacher Voice

Jon Alfuth produced Bluff City Education, a blog where teachers can tell their stories and have their policy perspectives shared constructively with the larger education community. School: The Soulsville Charter School District: Shelby County Schools State:  Memphis, Tenn. Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year  I’m now in my fourth year teaching, and I feel [...]

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An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Common Core

Terri Vest developed Common Core training for teachers in Vermont who do not teach math or English language arts. District: Twinfield Union #33 State:  Vermont Source: America Achieves Much teacher leadership is born out of a need to solve problems. Mine focused on two issues. In 2012, the state Common Core training was focused exclusively on math [...]

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Standing Up for Social Studies

David Bosso, John Tully, Steve Armstrong, Gene Stec, and Carolyn Ivanoff worked with a core of social studies teachers to organize political action prioritizing the teaching of social studies in Connecticut. State:   Connecticut Source:  National Council for the Social Studies Education should not be political football. Yet, for a variety of reasons, social studies education in Connecticut [...]

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A CLT With Purpose

District: Fairfax County Public Schools State: Virginia Source: Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Charley Sabatier, Katey Shirey, Jen Weidman, and Heather Moore formed a collaborative learning team to support each other and improve their practice teaching IB physics. At a 2011 Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) Summer Meeting, Charley Sabatier was sitting with three other Fellows [...]

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Together, Teachers Solve Chronic Problems

Alex Kajitani rallied teachers in his school to solve a persistent challenge: never having enough substitute teachers at school (and forcing teachers to cover classes during planning). State: California Source: National Network of State Teachers of the Year A few years ago, I was teaching in a school suffering from a serious shortage of substitute [...]

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Chartering a Path to Better Teacher Evaluation

Doug Hodum led a committee of teachers and other stakeholders to reform teacher evaluation in Maine. School: Mt Blue High School District: Mount Blue Regional School District State: Maine Source: Hope Street Group One of my most relevant teacher leadership experiences arose when I was awarded the Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellowship.  I had [...]

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Coding for Careers

Tammie Schrader created a program for her school and district to teach computer programming and coding to middle school students so that they are qualified for jobs in a growing sector. School: Cheney Middle School State: Washington Source: Hope Street Group Key employers in Washington State, like Microsoft and Boeing, are leaving our state to [...]

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UnCommon Planning

High school teachers Joanna Schimizzi and Rob Leichner formed a teacher-driven professional development community called Uncommon Planning, which works to collaboratively build and evaluate Common Core instructional tools. District: Charlotte State: North Carolina Source: America Achieves Hearing the concerns of teachers about lack of collaboration and planning around the Common Core in Charlotte, North Carolina, [...]

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