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Core Recommendations For Teachers, By Teachers

Courtney Fox worked with teachers and other partners develop recommendations about what teachers need to successfully implement the common core in Delaware. School: First State Montessori Academy State: Wilmington, Delaware Source: Hope Street Group Courtney Fox was Delaware’s 2008 Teacher of the Year and still continues to be an active member of the Delaware Teacher [...]

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iPad Classroom 101

Jennie Magiera led a community of teachers to explore the use of iPads in schools and develop plans and supports for teachers to teach effectively with the devices. School: National Teachers Academy District: Academy for Urban School Leadership / Chicago Public Schools State: Illinois Source: Teacher In the summer of 2010, Jennie Magiera applied for [...]

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One Community at a Time

Heather Buskirk founded a STEM-based school centering on project based learning in rural New York. School:         Johnstown High School District:       Greater Johnstown School District Source:         Knowles Science Teaching Foundation As the only high school physics teacher in her upstate New York school district, Heather Buskirk faced a dilemma familiar to many educators [...]

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